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iPhone 7 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Which Is Your Favorite?

by Dimitris Economou 8

The new iPhone is going to be presented on 10.00am PDT and everyone is excited to learn what it will be about. The rumors have flared up for months as it always happens with the new iPhone but it seems that there is a leak somewhere in the production line as photos of the iPhone 7 Plus actual product have emerged next to a Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 7 Plus

Much technical information may not be available, but the design and pricing along with other release information are already known (though not confirmed). It seems that the 16GB version will be obsolete (at last) and the base version will have 32GB, the middle version 128GB and the top version a whooping 256GB of internal storage! And the Foxconn factories is said to have already 200 tons of goods shipped to Apple around the world (iPhones obviously). Oh yes, the 3.5mm headphone jack is killed by Apple as well.

iPhone 7 Plus

The biggest leak came today, only a few hours before the announcement and it probably shows the iPhone 7 Plus next the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from various angles, comparing its dimensions. You will notice the the iPhone doesn’t have the special port on the back as we had seen in previous leaks. It is still unknown if there will be a third device in the iPhone Series or if it was a plan that was abandoned during development.

We will know in about two hours from now. What do you think? Would you buy the iPhone 7/7 Plus?


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  • kawamase

    them bezels lol

  • Assefa Hanson

    does this article even make sense? the launch was today what weight will photo leaks have now?

  • Karly Johnston

    Neither, Z2 Pro all day.

  • PhoneFix

    not even 2k screen and only 2gb ram mphf

  • hugo26

    I have to admit that after seeing the new iphone im tempted to buy it over an android as my next daily driver. They really improved on the things that matter; the CPU is ultra powerful and its smokes both the exynos and snapdragon and i’m done trying to defend them. The software part of iphone ill just have to get used to because i still prefer android but the fact that iOS is so fluid and my favorite android phone the Galaxy S7 is still stuck with a ugly UI that slows down the android OS instead of jsut going stock and still including the S-Pen features and edge features the continuously choose to keep android sluggish and it bogs down after a few months of use because of that hideous UI they have on top of android. Ive tried using nova and other launchers but that wont fix what they have done with the UI. To make it all worse the first real nintendo game is heading to iOS so i thin im jumping ship to the dark side and picing up an iPhone 7 Plus. Dont get me wrong, i still think the Galaxy S7 design if far superior and seeing them side by side it jsut makes it even more clear that the Galaxy is just a beautifully designed device without equal right now but the software is absolute crap and when they decide to go stock android ill be back but until then im going the iphone way.

  • wolvie

    None of them, i really hate to spend $1000 for a premium phone. Better buy much cheaper good smartphone like Redmi Note or LeEco, or OnePLus, etc

  • hamaidx

    Ofcourse Note 7

  • Alex

    This is never ever an original Iphone on these pictures above, look at the build quality of the camera, and the led flash, and so on… -.-