Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 coming soon

by Dimitris Economou 3

Elephone P9000 was released at the dawn of 2016 featuring impressive specs like Helio P10, 4GB RAM+ 32GB internal storage, FHD display. Fingerprint recognition and wireless charging. But most importantly, it came preloaded with the latest then, Android 6. Android 7.0 (or Nougat) was released by Google on 2016 developer conference with some significant improvements in performance, security and productivity and now its about to come to Elephone P9000.


Elephone P9000
Except for the operating efficiency, Android 7.0 also brings more new functions, such as split-screen window, Emoji support, Data Saver, etc. Thus, most users expect to experience these features on their Elephone. In order to meet the demand of users, engineers in Elephone has brought the adaptation development program on the agenda immediately after the launch of Android 7.0. At present, the adaptation development program for the device is being developed urgently. Owners of Elephone P9000 are expected to use Android 7.0 operating system in mid-November.

elephone p9000

After Android 7.0 update for the P9000 is ready, all new P9000 sold after that will have Android 7.0 preinstalled.
As for current owners, the update will be delivered via OTA. According to schedule, users of Elephone P9000 are expected to become the first one to use Android 7.0 except for Nexus series and LG V20, keeping up to the company’s promise of constant after-sales support.

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