MediaTek MT6737 Vs MT6580 SpeedTest Comparison (Video)

by Suhaib 0

Most of the affordable smartphones  in the market today are powered by MediaTek chipsets with some high-end smartphones from international brands also packing chips from this brand. Though there are many chipsets but MT6737 and MT6580 have gone on to become the most widely used chipsets for the low-end segment. UHANS, a Chinese brand that has carved out a name for itself recently, has posted a video on YouTube showing the comparison between internet speeds of MT6737 vs MT6580. You can watch the video below.

As you can see in the video above, UHANS A101 powered by MT6737 64-bit chipset is pitted against some unknown device powered by MT6580 32-bit chipset. The speeds on UHANS A101 went up as high as 49Mbps whereas the speed on the unknown device merely touched the 4Mbps mark. The main purpose of UHANS behind posting this video is that they want to show that UHANS A101 comes equipped with a superior chipset in comparison to other mid-range affordable smartphones packing MT6580 chipsets.

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As technology is becoming more and more advance each day it is better to opt smartphones that come equipped with the latest technology without burning big holes in our pockets. At $65, the UHANS A101 is definitely worth your budget. You can get the device from Gearbest from here.