Ulefone Tiger is Ulefone’s Next Metallic Device

by Dimitris Economou 10

Ulefone seems to have decided to establish the metal unibody as a standard for its devices from now on. Today we got some pictures from the company unveiling their next model, which will be named Ulefone Tiger.

Ulefone Tiger

The only spec we know so far is the display size that is going to be 5.5″, probably of HD and FHD resolution. Although we know only the display size, looking at the pictures we can tell that the device will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner and double flash.

The metal body has a brush finish which will help to better reveal the natural texture of metal while the camera glass has a metal ring. The tiger seems to be another well designed model from Ulefone who has built a reputation in good design and build quality.

Ulefone Tiger

Judging from the thickness of the phone body, the Tiger is not some super slim device, so the battery may be quite big. As for colors, there will be grey, golden and sky black versions available.
More information will be available on http://ulefone.com/ sometime in the near future.