UMi reveals details about UMi Plus Efficient Battery

by Dimitris Economou 0

We all know how important battery life is and how is important to make a full day of usage out of it. For that reason, UMi knows this and has included big batteries in all its latest products, to ensure that as many people as possible make it at least through the day. The same it did with the UMi Plus.

UMi Plus battery life

However, battery life is never enough, so UMi’s tech department has been working to reach even better results with the upcoming UMi Plus: battery is one of the components which has seen less evolution in last years, so a 360° work on hardware and software had to be done in order to achieve some progress.

Let’s have a look on what UMi has been doing under the hood with the UMi Plus.

Two days of usage, not just for a few months

UMi Plus battery efficiency

Plus uses a 4000 mAh battery manufactured with Sony cells, a 690Wh/L high density unit. After 900 charges, battery still retains over 80% capacity, approximately over 2 times the lifespan of an ordinary battery


UMi Tri-control Charge Technology 3.0

UMi Plus battery efficiency

Three IC chips communicate each other analyzing temperatures, battery voltage, real-time usage and other parameters, dynamically adjusting the voltage during the charge, enhancing performances of 20% and reducing temperatures over 5C°compared to previous technology, also helping to stress the battery as less as possible


CPU intelligent optimization

UMi Plus battery

CPU has also a fundamental role into power management, so real-time background cleaning up has been improved, the system distinguishes high consumption situations automatically. The automatic optimization reduces the overall power drain, less power wasted means more energy for you to use


Save+ battery profile

UMi Plus battery efficiency

selecting this profile, you can keep your last 15% of energy for 24 hours with minimum usage, for emergency situations. An emergency mode made even more performing


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