6 Reasons Why the UMI Plus Should Be Your Next Smartphone

by Suhaib 2

September 7 marked the launch of two new smartphones including the Apple’s 2016 flagship device iPhone 7 and a new smartphone from Umi that goes by the name Umi Plus. Umi unveiled the device at IFA in Berlin and Apple lifted the curtains of iPhone 7 in San Francisco. The two smartphones are poles apart in terms of price, you can buy 4 units of Umi Plus for the price of iPhone 7.  Let’s pit these smartphones against one another.

UMi Plus real photos

UMi reveals that both Umi Plus and iPhone 7 makes use of similar technology to manufacture the chassis of these two phones but the proneness of iPhone 7’s Black version to scratches and abrasions gives Umi Plus an upper hand. Umi Plus is quite sturdy and does not use the glossy materials iPhone 7 is using.

Umi Plus makes use of 4000mAh battery cell from Sony whereas iPhone 7 comes with a 1960mAh battery and to compare these smartphones in terms of battery usage is quite pointless. In terms of RAM, iPhone 7 comes equipped with a 2GB RAM whereas Umi Plus comes equipped with a 4GB RAM but iOS and Android differ in memory usage.

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iPhone 7 is also missing the 3.5mm headphone jack which doesn’t sit well with typical smartphone user. It will be much more interesting to see how these smartphones differ in performance. For the budget-oriented customers, Umi Plus is the must-have device as far as owning an iPhone 7 is concerned.