Leagoo V1 Comes With Built-In Security Features

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Leagoo Venture 1 more popularly known as Leagoo v1 is an upcoming smartphone from Leagoo that comes with many high-end security features which include a bank-level security chip and another top of the line features which we are going to discuss. Read on to find more.

leagoo v1

Leagoo Venture 1 comes with Dual Secure OS which will prevent any leakage of information as it implements more than 100 security reinforcements. Dual Secure OS here gives you Private OS and Business OS and fingerprint sensor onboard plays an important role in it. The left-hand fingerprint takes you to the private OS and the right-hand fingerprint takes you to the business OS. So, you can separate work and personal life without any effort on the same phone which is really incredible.

leagoo venture 1

You can switch between private and business OS just with switching your fingers on the fingerprint sensor. further, Leagoo Venture 1 comes with a unique data protection technique. It secures all the files with military encryption technique and all attempts of break-in is monitored and this phone shows you all the unlocking history i.e. the times when you unlocked your phone.

That being said Leagoo Venture 1 comes with other security features like app lock, anti-theft, phone locking, data wiping, non-stop ringing alert, and backing-up of contacts. Further, there is a Dual tag feature where you can log in to the same apps with different accounts and these apps include both the user installed apps and Google apps as well. Notifications for these apps will be separate too.

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Leagoo Venture 1 is nano waterproof and shock proof. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection to protect the display from scratches and abrasions. An octa-core chipset is powering this smartphone. It comes equipped with 3GB RAM and is available in two different storage variants including 16GB and 32GB both of which are expandable up to 128GB.

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Leagoo Venture 1 features a 13MP rear and an 8Mp front facing camera and is fueled by a 3000mAh battery which supports fast charging under the shell. To know more about this smartphone you can go their official website here.