Vernee Mars and Vernee Apollo Lite Deals on Gearbest, $30 Off In This Week

by Dimitris Economou 0

Vernee and Gearbest are teaming up to offer you the company’s two top devices at an unbeatable price. The Vernee Apollo Lite and Mars both get a $30 off their official price and you can now get the for $199.99 each. The Vernee Apollo Lite is in stock and Vernee Mars deals are pre-orders and will ship in October.

Vernee Deals

Vernee Apollo Lite

The Vernee Apollo Lite was the current flagship device of Vernee until the Mars came out and it steps up its name as a flagship.  Featuring a Helio X20 SoC combined with 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, it offers pretty much what every flagship has to offer these days.

The camera is another sector where it excels, as it carries a 16.0MP Samsung 3P3 ISOCELL sensor with PDAF support. Thanks to PDAF, the focus speed increases by 7 times, fast enough to capture pretty much everything in the glimpse of an eye.

Lastly, with a 5.5″ IGZO FHD display that is very power efficient and the 3.180mAh battery, it can achieve high battery performance. Add to that the Doze feature of Android 6.0 that comes preloaded, and you get the picture.

You can find the Gearbest offer here. It will be available for the next 7 days but stock is limited!

Vernee Deals


Vernee Mars

The Mars just started its presale period about a week ago, about the same time as the iPhone 7. Although it may not feature some of the iPhone’s specs, it’s a super device at 1/3 of the price. The official price is set to $249.99 but you can now get it for $199.99 at Gearbest here. Just apply the coupon Vernee8Mars during checkout.

The just released device features a Helio P10 SoC and comes with 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The display is the same as the Apollo Lite (5.5″ FHD) but it has far narrower bezels. It also comes with Android 6.0 and a battery of 3.000mAh. If you order it, it will ship on October 17.

Vernee Deals