A New Product Coming Via Xiaomi’s Crowdfunding Platform, Could Be A Popcorn Machine

by Suhaib 1

A new product is going to be launched on September 22 at 10:00 AM via Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. Below is a teaser for the launch of the product.

xiaomi product

The teaser above depicts an explosion with a flash or fireball in between and popcorn like things around it. The teaser does not reveal any information about the product but some people has speculated that it could be a popcorn machine which is a possibility when we look at the teaser.

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It should be noted that this is not a product from Xiaomi and only Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform is being used for the sole purpose of launching this product. As of now, there are clouds of confusion about this upcoming product as no other information has been made available. So waiting for the official launch on September 22 seems to be the only viable option here. We will update as soon as we get to know anything about this mysterious product.