Elephone S7 will feature E-touch 2.0 physical/virtual button

by Dimitris Economou 0

Nowadays the majority of manufacturers in the market abandon the use of physical buttons. Two reasons are behind this decision. Cost saving and design freedom that is limited by the presence of a physical button. However, Elephone S7 will retain the physical button and combine it with a virtual button for users to choose.

Elephone S7

In addition, E-Touch features received unlimited recognition from Elephone P9000 users. Therefore this feature will be added to Elephone S7 physical buttons too. E-Touch 2.0 will be similar to Meizu’s mBack button. There will be a physical button that will be touch sensitive and will be carrying various functions. Functionality features and the software is currently being developed and under constantly test at the moment to enhance better user experience.

Elephone S7 will feature 10-core MTK Helio X20 chip, running on Android 6.0. The display will be 5.5″ FHD bezel-less FHD screen. And of course, 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The back cover is made of PVC which was made after 15 layers composite material technology process. A process which reflects stunning lumia pattern lines.

Elephone S7

More details will soon be available on Elephone.hk