UMi Plus features both manual and auto camera modes

by Dimitris Economou 2

Mobile camera sensor technology is evolving slowly. And manufacturers try to offer better quality photos via software optimizations or adding more than one sensor. But, what really makes the difference in photo quality is high software optimization and OIS. All that, provided that a good quality sensor is present. This is what UMi has done with the UMi Plus. Along with PDAF, the company has added manual mode to its camera application, to give its users the freedom to adjust photos to their liking.

PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus)

In order to allow users to take nice pictures, UMi Plus integrates a 13MP ® 0.1s PDAF Camera, which uses the new generation PDAF phase focusing technology, which enhances light processing by 100% compared to the first generation of this tech, with a focusing speed of just 0.15s. UMi plus also opted for f/2.0 sensor aperture, 5-element lens, Dual ISP processing and a dual tone LED Flash to help in dark environments.

UMi Plus

Manual Controls

To allow total control, UMi Plus implemented the “Pro-Photo” mode. A setting where you can adjust manually most parameters to obtain shoots exactly as you wish. This gives way more flexibility in every situation than the automatic mode. It’s possible to manually regulate photosensitivity (ISO), Exposure Speed (S), the Exposure Value (EV), Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, the focal point and the white balance.

UMi Plus UMi Plus


Other modes

Of course most users don’t want to mess with manual settings and just want to point and shoot. Thus, the usual automatic photo mode is there and allows you to take photos quickly. You also have PIP mode and panorama mode, to capture in the best possible ways the stunning landscapes you visit.

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