UMi Plus Giveaway and real photos of the device

by Dimitris Economou 2

This year, UMi received some attention from tech enthusiasts with some devices it released. UMi Super and  Max, gained much attention. The balance between quality, performance and pricing is the key feature. That trend seems to continue with their upcoming UMi Plus, which is gaining momentum after its appearance in some commercial videos.

UMi Plus

We remember that UMi’s designers studied and used the brand-new ID style. It uses curves and radians to achieve eye-catching design. What’s more, materials are from the top self. UMi Plus uses Aviation Magnalium (6000 Series) that allows the phone to be lighter in weight, but harder when it has to face hits and bumps. The material faces numerous treatments to improve its properties as UMi informs us.

UMi Plus

Every aspect of the process of this phone, is thought with one goal in mind. To make sure UMi users will be satisfied while using a UMi product. Reaching a high level of craftmanship for an emerging is not easy. It’s due to the support of thousands of users who trusted the company over the years. So the company would like to say a huge thank you by releasing a product which you will be proud of using.

In addition, the company offers free sample of the UMi Plus to one of its loyal users. Just point out to their official product page and participate to the giveaway!

More information regarding the giveaway here.