LEAGOO M5 gets 20% off until the end of September

by Dimitris Economou 0

LEAGOO M5 was announced in July and since then it has been among the best shockproof choices. And now it gets a 20% off its official price for all of you that want something more affordable. From September 22 to September 30, there will be a promotion of LEAGOO M5. You can get it with 20% discount on Aliexpress here.


The most eye-catching feature of the device is its all-metal frame. No articulation point is visible in its “all-metal” frame, which gives it a smooth touch feeling. The volume buttons and the power button are all located on the right side of the device, while the USB port is situated at the bottom.


LEAGOO claims that the M5 is so solid and shockproof that you absolutely no need to worry about the quality problem. If you take a regular smartphone and throw it carelessly on the floor, there’s a high chance of the device sustaining some kind of damage. With the M5 things seem different. It can withstand crushing, or accidental drops. The other key feature of the device is its fast 0.19 seconds fingerprint function.


Of course, all the above could not be enough if performance was absent. The LEAGOO M5 features 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage and 128GB memory expansion. Battery capacity is a bit modest at 2.300mAh but the company claims it can is more than enough for a day. The M5 comes with Freeme OS 6.0(Based on Android 6.0).

If you want to learn more about and buy LEAGOO M5, visit LEAGOO here. Below, you can watch a funny video about the device’s shock-proof capabilities.