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UMi Plus Extreme will be the first Helio P20 device

by Dimitris Economou 9

During this first part of the year, we saw how Helio P10 is a popular choice among the biggest brands. Sony Xperia XA, HTC A9S, Oppo R9, Meizu M3 Note and others use the SoC. In particular Oppo R9 has been an absolute bestseller in China this year. As for UMi a China smartphone maker maining target to Europe market, UMi Super and UMi Plus got success abroad.

UMi Plus Extreme

Now, MTK is releasing the successor of the P10, the Helio P20. It has an increased frequency on the 8 Cortex A53 cores. The performance cluster is now clocked in at 2.3GHz instead of 2.0, with a 20% higher performance. On the GPU side, the Mali T860MP2 has been upgraded to a T880MP12 and clocks have been raised. A 200MHz bump to 900MHz, for a 25% upgrade over P10.

UMi Plus Extreme

The multimedia blocks see some enhancement in their capabilities and can now decode and encode in 4K. The ISP has also seen upgrades and now has more processing power to support up to 24MP single cameras or 13+13MP dual cameras. Finally, the biggest news here is that the P20 is manufactured on a 16nm FinFET node. This way, lower power consumption and less heat are achieved.

UMi Plus Extreme

Helio P20 is a very recent SoC and MTK trusted UMi to make the first device with it. UMi seems to have earned trust and confidence from MTK thanks to the quality of their last products. Therefore picked UMi to be the first brand launching a phone with Helio P20. Its the UMi Plus Extreme that we informed you about here.

According to UMi official Facebook, it’s going to be an extremely upgraded version of UMi Plus. The Plus is currently available for pre-order at their website for $179.99. As we said, UMi Plus Extreme will feature Helio P20, being the first one ever to adopt it, but also a massive 6GB of RAM LPDDR4, Android 7, 64GB of internal storage and probably a price tag of $299.99.

UMi Plus Extreme

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  • Jh1

    Hmmm….for the same price you could get the Mi5s….or the Le Eco pro 3 for $30 less…. Tough decision 😉

    • jimberkas

      yeah, UMI isn’t going to compete with LeEco and Xioami with this product and this pricing. Nice looking phone though. competition is just too fierce right now. almost feel bad for this 2nd and 3rd tier companies

      • Jh1

        Agreed. It definitely is a nice looking phone, and umi does seem to have come a long way this year, but pricing a p20 phone at $300 is just uncompetitive, unless the camera is absolutely phenomenal… Which is unlikely

        • Nivroth

          Taking into consideration the fail of a phone that the UMISuper was why would anyone buy this ?

          • Jh1

            At this price range, I see no reason why they would. Much better options available.

  • Tommi

    MediaTek Helio P20 -> GPU: T880MP2, not MP12!

    Check out even MediaTek official page for information.

  • goodwill

    I think these companies did not keep up with the news. Are they not aware of LeEco, Xiaomi, ZTE pricing with 820/821 chipsets?

    • Assefa Hanson

      Took the words right out off my buccal cavity

  • Young

    New week, new crap. Who are those managing this crappy company?