UMi Plus battery test reveals good battery life

by Dimitris Economou 1

UMi Plus is the latest product in UMi’s family, it uses a 5.5 Full-HD Display and is powered by Helio P10 SoC, It packs a 4000mAh battery which is able to carry you effortlessly along your daily usage, and today the company wants to show how it performs.

UMi Plus
UMi Plus uses a battery manufactured with Sony cells, a 690Wh/L high density unit, which allows to have smaller dimensions compared to traditional density units. But let’s see how the unit behaves in daily usage. All the tests have been performed with 60% screen brightness, except Talk Time which is performed with screen switched off.

UMi Plus

3G Talk Time: 32.45 Hours

3G Talk Time is tested with screen off and connections turned off. UMi Plus achieved a score of 32.45 hours. Most modern devices achieve high scores on talk time, but 32 hours is impressive.


Internet Browsing: 8:10 Hours

Internet browsing is tested with Wi-Fi on and 60% screen brightness. UMi plus was able to surf the internet for more than 8 hours. Altgough not the best out there, it can give you an acceptable browsing time.

UMi Plus

Video Playback: 7:20 Hours

Video Playback is tested with screen on at 60% brightness and connections switched off, looping a video file until battery discharges completely. In this task, UMi Plus managed to reach 7:20 hours. The display of a device is the most power-hungry component. Again, the score is average and in no way bad. The UMi Plus delivers well here too.


3D Gaming: 6:39 Hours

3D Gaming is tested with screen on at 60% brightness and connections switched off, playing different titles, from the lightest to the most demanding ones. UMi Plus was able to discharge after 6:39 Hours. Considering the stress that the GPU goes through, it’s a petty good score as it delivers battery life proportionate to its battery capacity. A well rounded device that balances between performance and battery life. Also, UMi Plus comes with PE+ Quick Charge Technology, which allows you to fully charge the phone in slightly more than an hour!

UMi is offering a free sample of the UMi Plus to one of its costumers. Just visit their official product page and participate to their giveaway. Remember, its the last week of presale price of $179.99.
More information can be found here.