Ulefone Tiger will feature more than 4000mAh battery

by Dimitris Economou 1

Until now, the only spec we knew about Ulefone Tiger, was its display. Today, we learn that the 5.5″ budget device will feature a battery capacity of more than 4.000mAh. A battery that which Ulefone claims it will offer 2 days of normal and safe use.

Ulefone says that the battery of Ulefone Tiger has packed latest generation of Sony li-polymer electric cell. This leads to more stable electric input and output. There is also a chipset to control energy consumption, therefore unnecessary loss will be avoided. And of course, Ulefone will give great importance to the the energy efficiency in software.

Ulefone Tiger

After the battery explosion scandal of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Ulefone has taken safety more seriously. That’s why they have adopted non-inflammable, high-strength materials for the battery enclosure. Judging from the device renderings, it will also feature an all-metal body. Apart from the fingerprint sensor that we can see, the rest of the specs will be soon available.

For more information, visit http://ulefone.com/

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