Vernee Mar’s Side Mounted Fingerprint ID Compared with Competition: Fast! (Video)

by Suhaib 3

Fingerprint sensors have become one of the must-have features on a smartphone. The fingerprint sensor has alone become the deciding factor for some buyers irrespective of the price tag. Now, Vernee is showing a new innovative way to unlock its recently unveiled smartphone Vernee Mars.

vernee mars

With the advent of technology, the smartphone design has undergone a major overhaul and as far as the fingerprint sensor is concerned we have seen fingerprint integrated into the home button or mounted on the back panel. But Vernee is looking forward to changing the way people interact with fingerprint sensors. Vernee has posted a video on Youtube where it shows a comparison between the fingerprint sensors on Vernee Mars, Meizu Pro 6 and iPhone 6S.

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The fingerprint sensor placed on the right side of Vernee Mars translates into the slim profile that this smartphone boasts of.

That being said you can pre-order this smartphone for just $229.99 which comes to around 1527 Yuan from Gearbest.Com whereas the retail price of this phone is $249.99 (1660 Yuan).