VKworld T1 Plus VS iPhone 6S: Fingerprint Sensor And Camera Performance

by Suhaib 5

Vkworld T1 Plus is a much anticipated big-display smartphone from Chinese brand Vkworld. The smartphone is available for a price of $109.99 (733 Yuan) during the pre-sale period which ends on October 10. After the pre-sale period, this smartphone will retail at a price of $139.99 (934 Yuan). To enter the pre-sale please click here.

That being said, don’t be mistaken by the low price tag it comes with as this smartphone has some top notch features which make it a rightful rival against phones like iPhone 6S.

Leagoo T1 Plus

Vkworld has posted a video on YouTube showing the comparison between the fingerprint sensors on Vkworld t1 Plus and iPhone 6S. You can watch the video below

Vkworld has posted another video where it compares the shooting capabilities of the sensors present on both the above-mentioned smartphones. You can watch the video below.

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If you want to buy this smartphone then it is the right time as the pre-sale is going to be over soon. To know more about this smartphone you can head over to the official Vkworld website. Stay tuned for the latest updates.