Elephone’s New Smartphone Will Flaunt Curved Display & Ceramic Back Cover

by Suhaib 12

Elephone is maintaining the stronghold in the local Chinese smartphone market with its current models and some upcoming ones as well. New reports have made their way to the internet which suggests that Elephone will be unveiling a new smartphone with a curved display and ceramic back cover. Though his news sounds exciting but Elephone has not revealed when this unnamed smartphone will be officially making its way to the market. That being said, images of this upcoming smartphone have made their way to the internet and from the looks of it, the phone looks quite appealing.


Above is the image of the ceramic back cover of the smartphone we are talking about. The ceramic back cover has many advantages over the conventional materials used. These advantages include ceramic’s durability, the corrosion resistance and it is a great solution to the ugly antenna design.

Moreover, ceramic lends aesthetic looks to the smartphone as it has a delicate texture in comparison to a glass panel. In addition to that, another salient feature of this smartphone is the curved display which results in  the reflected images on the edge of the curved display disappearing smoothly without anamorphosis. elephone -02

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As of now, there is no information regarding when this smartphone will be officially announced or what will be the price of this phone. Other than that, the specs of this smartphone have not been revealed yet which may be the deciding factor for the pricing. We will keep you posted about any advancements regarding this phone.

For more details: Check out Elephone website.