EleSecret : Highly Secure USB Stick With Fingerprint Encryption From Elephone

by Suhaib 3

In a world where we give utmost importance to our privacy, fingerprint encryption has become an integral part of modern technology. We can see fingerprint encrypted devices all around us be it laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. Elephone has gone a step further by introducing a fingerprint encrypted USB stick which first made the headlines two months back. Elephone has given this secure U disk a very apt name – EleSecret.


EleSecret is very simple to use and all you need to do is to insert it into your computer and you are ready to access and encrypt your files. EleSecret presents you a very simple UI when inserted into the computer.


The best feature of EleSecret is that you can add or remove users just like a smartphone who can access the files on this USB stick. Another salient feature of EleSecret is that it comes with two internal partitions – public disk and a security disk. To access the files on security disk, a fingerprint is needed which enhances the privacy to a whole new level.

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EleSecret comes with a Privacy Zone features which automatically turns itself on in the case of inactivity. So if you have plugged u disk into the computer and you are not using it then you do not have to worry about the security of your files as the privacy zone prevents anyone viewing your private data. Further, EleSecret supports multiple languages to support the needs of multiple users accessing it.

You can check out its official website: Elephone.hk for more details.