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Vernee Says Mars can Beat iPhone In Display Performance

by Suhaib 9

One of the first things we look out for when buying a smartphone is the display. The display is the deciding factor for buyers which overshadow almost all other specifications of the phone. Smartphone makers make use of different  display technologies and In–Cell display technology is one of them. In-cell displays are revolutionary in that they combine a digitizer, use touch input, and integrate an LCD screen into a single-layer display thereby allowing the smartphone to maintain a slim profile. 

in-cell display

Vernee Mars makes use of In-Cell display with 1mm thin bezels and 81% screen to body ratio. Vernee has released a video demonstrating the comparison between Vernee Mars, iPhone 6 Plus, and Meizu Pro 6. You can watch the video below.

Vernee has also provided further details on the displays of these smartphones for the sake of comparison.

SizeMeizu Pro 6Vernee MarsiPhone 6 Plus
Display Size(inch)5.2 inch5.5 inch5.5 inch
Display TechOn-cellIn-cellIn-cell
ResolutionFHD (1920×1080)FHD (1920×1080)FHD (1920×1080)
Screen-body ratio71%81.1%67.6%
Pixel Density424 ppi401 ppi401 ppi
Body Width(mm)71.172.977.9
Bezel (mm)
Body Height(mm)147.7151.6158.2

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Vernee Mars is now available for purchase from online store for a price of $229.99 which comes to around 1535 Yuan. To know more about this smartphone you can go their official website here.

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  • Even if this is true, which I highly doubt, it’s not just about the display — it’s about the entire package, the end-to-end user experience from the time you unbox it. I have this picture in my head of all the small Chinese players nibbling at Apple’s toe nails.

  • NextHype

    And Trump can piss farther than Hilary.
    But who cares ?

  • However they have not provided the important display stuff, like contrast and color gamut reproduction as well as who is manufactring their displays.
    Honestly, this is just embarrasing, enough with the iPhone comparisons already!

  • MitsosDaBest

    Vernee is tending to be another bad company, like UMi… Bad phones full of software and hardware problems and they want people to think that they are better than the iPhones!! LOL!

  • goodwill

    I’m not against Vernee or anything, but there are so many brands that are more at league with Vernee for comparison but yet these small chinese brands are comparing their products with the major league. Not the smartest move in my opinion.

  • johala02

    Well I guess we can take marketing what it is. But now Vernee Mars have coming out to some reviers, have seen some unpacking videos in YouTube. Its no doubt a beatiful device. I think Sharp producing their displays, atleast in Apollo Lite.

  • wirk

    6 incher, QHD, no bezel, 8GB RAM, fastest processor, light, long battery. That will get my monies.

  • Emilio Calvo

    In my opinion, Vernee is a young brand. But I am sure they will be one of the best Chinese Brands in a few years. They will play in the league of Meizu, Zte, Xiaomi… I am sure. Let’s see

  • Massimo G

    I tested Mars during these days.. really impressive device for the price! Design is wonderful, performance are very good in all conditions. Fingerprint need to be improved amd camera too.. but i think there will be space for working on.. you can find my unboxing on Max Recensioni on youtube