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Elephone Anycharger Comes With Quick Charge 2.0 & High Power Conversion

by Suhaib 5

Elephone recently introduced Anycharger, a charger that can charge up to 4 devices at once. Anycharger is a powerful practical power adapter that makes use of Quick Charge 2.0 technology. it comes with stronger compatibility and higher power conversion.

elephone anycharger -3

The best this about Anycharger is that it can recognize any android device when plugged in and can charge it with speed like the original charger. It supports almost all Android and iOS devices like iPad or iPhone charging them at full speed.

elephone anycharger -2

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Anycharger comes equipped with 3 USB ports one for quick charging working with a current of 2A and 5V, 9V, 12V supplies; another 2 ports providing normal charging working with 2A and 5V supplies. Anycharger is a much better option than those bulky power banks which you have to deal with while on move. It is also a better option for those who owns two or more smartphones and have to carry different chargers to charge their smartphones.

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  • Arnie Linson

    This one does seems even more bulky than the 20000 mAH Mi PowerBank.

    • Jack Wong

      This is not a powerbank.

      • Arnie Linson

        The article mentions “Anycharger is a much better option than those bulky power banks which you have to deal with while on move”. Thats why I wrote that it seems more bulky. 😀

        • Jack Wong

          I see, I though this is a power bank too at the beginning… but then I remember I read an article about this and they did mention this is not a power bank.

          I don’t understand what is the purpose of this… like you said, I would rather carry a 20000mAH power bank than carrying this with me all the time and share a power plug with others…

  • Monster Energy

    let’s count what l can charge here:
    1 Laptop
    2 Smartphones
    1 Tablet