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UMi demonstrates UMi Plus scratch-proof display

by Dimitris Economou 3

Evolution on display protection glass started from Corning with the Gorilla Glass. Lots of improvement has been made since. And, one of the main concerns when purchasing a smartphone is if it will be resistant enough to scratches and accidental bumps. Most displays are vulnerable to drops as the glass remains glass. The important thing is scratch-proofing. If even the hardest glass is breakable after a bad fall or hit, having a resistant and sturdy body helps into avoiding collateral damage.

UMi Plus

UMi claims to have put quite some attention into the building process of the UMi Plus. Not only regarding its design feature, but also about resistance. The body has been designed with different processes to ensure the best possible resistance in everyday situations. But what about the display?

A video test released by the company, reveals that the display of the UMi Plus can easily take quite some abuse from tools like a a power drill. As you can see, UMi Plus survived all the torture tests. And still didn’t get a noticeable scratch on its display. The test began with a key, moved on to industrial files and saws, and finally ended with a power drill failing to make a relevant mark.

None of the tools used to torture the UMi Plus were able to do more than produce a tiny scratch. If scratch resistance is one of your main concerns, with UMi Plus you can sleep quietly as it seems!

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  • I call bullshit on that. I did a few very simple tests: Carrying it with my keys for a while, slide it across a table with the screen down. Mine has tons of scratches now, some are very deep. Yes, it doesn’t scratch easy, but it does scratch. And it does more than a Gorilla Glass panel.

  • MitsosDaBest

    Probably fake. In real life, when you drop your UMi Plus from the table, the screen will break at 1000 pieces…

  • Tony Halls

    Umi testing in a controlled environment. Complete shit.

    The Plus uses Dinorex T2X glass (same as on some Meizu phones). It is scratch resistant to a certain extent, but it’s not as strong as Gorilla Glass 4 (or even 3 tbh).