Vernee Thor 6th OTA update coming very soon

by Dimitris Economou 0

Faithful to their promise for constant after sales support, Vernee is about to release the 6th OTA update for Vernee Thor. So far, Vernee has launched two products, Vernee Thor and Vernee Apollo Lite with deca-core configuration. For Thor, Vernee has rolled out 5 OTA updates, and the 6th is on the way. We hope that they will continue to support their devices like they do now.

Vernee Thor 6th OTA update

Below are the major fixes and optimizations for this Update:
1. Fixed the problem when WiFi name may contain special characters
2. Addressed a probable rebooting issue
3. Updated the APN list
4. Enhanced the compatibility of third party camera apps
5. Improved the compatibility of third party apps
6. Enhanced the charging safety

The Vernee Thor is now on sale for $109.99 at Gearbest. You can get it here.

Vernee Thor Vernee Apollo Lite features review

According to information, the kernel code for Vernee Apollo Lite will be out by the end of the month. This will give 3rd-party developers to cook custom ROMS for the device. Of course, this means ecen greater support is coming to the Apollo Lite.