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TomTop is the first shop to host Elephone S7 and R9! (video)

by Dimitris Economou 5

Until now we knew that the presale period of the Elephone S7 and R9 will be from October 20 to November 20. But today, a surprise emerged from Elephone and TomTop, as the two new flagships are already available for preorder!

Elephone S7 Hands On

In addition, apart from the dual flagships, TomTop has an exclusive video of an Elephone S7 in action! The device looks really stunning. The bezel-less display combined with the impressively elegant body, gives the device a touch of premium looks. You can watch the video below to judge for yourselves.

So, how can you order one and be eligible for the lucky draw that is offered by the company? Simply visit the dedicated page (link below) and click on the combination you desire. As a reminder, there are three versions available. A 2GB/16GB, a 3GB/32GB and the top one with 4GB/64GB. The price starts from $139.99. Right now, only the S7 is available, but the R9 will also be soon enough.

Elephone S7 Hands On

Elephone S7 Hands On Elephone S7 Hands On Elephone S7 Hands On

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  • Monster Energy

    guys what do you suggest me: black or blue they both looks great and stunning, l’d like to touch it just once it’s lovely ??

    • jimberkas

      i suppose its just a coincidence that every comment you’ve posted is for Elephone. I’m pretty sure everyone is onto you. you should at least create a new user name!

      • Wolvie

        They are fake posters paid by Elephoney so probably their IQ are also below average so cannot think much LOL

  • Another Ponzi-scheme by Elephone, charging people money for a model that`s coming out on DECEMBER 20th(check TOMTOP’s link)!
    We all know that in Elephone calendar this could mean February 2017 for all they care.

  • King Droid

    hell yeah, this is grea