Qualcomm Announces 3 Mid-range Snapdragon Chipsets – 653, 626 &427

by Suhaib 2

Qualcomm, the world famous chipset maker from San Diego has announced three new  mid-range chipsets in the 600 and 400 series. These chipsets are Snapdragon 653, Snapdragon 626 and Snapdragon 427. A majority of the smartphones are being powered by Qualcomm chipsets and the launch of these new chipsets will strengthen the stronghold of Qualcomm in the market. All three chipsets will support dual cameras and will receive support for X9 LTE modem as well as support for Quick Charge 3.0. Let us discuss each chipset one by one.

Qualcomm 653

Snapdragon 653 (MSM8976Pro) is the most powerful among the three chipsets. According to Qualcomm, SD 653 will be replacing SD 652 and its performance is 10% better than SD 652. SD 653 reaches a maximum clock speed of 1.95GHz whereas it was 1.8GHz for SD 652.

SD 653 supports 8GB RAM and comes with better GPU performance in addition to other architecture improvements.  It will come with Enhanced Voice Series that will improve the quality of VoLTE calls.

Qualcomm 626

Snapdragon 626 (MSM8953Pro) is intended to be 10% better than SD 625. This chipset comes with Qualcomm’s TruSignal Antenna Bost which improves the signal reception in congested areas. SD 626 can clock up to 2.2GHz whereas it was 2.0GHz on SD 625.

Qualcomm 427

Snapdragon 427 (MSM8920) will be succeeding SD425 and has very few improvements over the predecessor. It will be getting the TruSignal antenna boost from Qualcomm with clocking speeds remaining the same as that of SD 425. Further, there is support for dual cameras as well.

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Snapdragon 653 and 626 will be commercially available by the end of this year whereas Snapdragon 427 will be commercially available by early 2017.