UMi demonstrates UMi Plus camera capabilities

by Dimitris Economou 0

One of the features that UMi us proud of in the UMi Plus, is its camera. Today, UMi wanted to show us a video about the camera of their latest product, the UMi Plus. The Phone uses a Samsung 13mpx sensor with PDAF technology. But what does PDAF mean?

UMi Plus camera

PDAF phase focusing technology

In order to elevate the mediocre camera quality found in its previous models, UMi integrated a 13MP Samsung sensor in Plus, which uses the new generation 0.1s PDAF phase focusing technology. It enhances light processing by 100% compared to the first generation, with a focusing speed of just 0.15s.

One of the most important implementation along with PDAF technology is the “Manual Controls” setting in the camera app, found under the option called “Pro-Photo”. A mode where you can manually adjust most parameters to obtain shoots exactly as you wish, giving way more flexibility in every situation compared to the automatic mode. It’s possible to manually regulate ISO, Shutter speed, the Exposure Value as well as Saturation, Contrast and Brightness. In addition, the focal point and the white balance are adjustable for an increased control of the shooter.

Of course, the usual automatic photo mode is there and allows you to take shoots with speed and ease. You also have PIP (picture on a picture) mode and panorama mode, to capture in the best possible ways the landscapes you visit.

UMi recorded a video showing the phone’s camera in action, taking photos and videos during day with a fair amount of light and during night, in low-light conditions.


From the video, during day shoots we can see the following:


Indoor close shooting of food, to show color reproduction and quality

UMi Plus camera


Outside shooting of a little girl playing with a balloon, to show quick capture capabilities of the Umi Plus

UMi Plus


Pro-mode shooting, showing how it’s possible to change white balance in order to better suit the scene

UMi Plus camera


As for the low-light photos and viceos, we can see:


Video shooting with water show and lights in the background

UMi Plus


Night shooting of a Chinese old man making candy floss in the traditional way

UMi Plus


As a small recap, latest UMi flagship has an Octa-core SoC, 4gb RAM/32GB of internal storage. It’s great design is a result of the use of 6000 series of aluminum magnesium. Lastly, it has a 2.5D glass. The company is very confident it will please everyone.

You can purchase the UMi Super from the e-shops below: