Elephone guarantees battery safety for Elephone S7 and R9

by Dimitris Economou 1

After the batterygate of Samsung, battery safety in smartphones is the hottest topic in tech news. Many users want to know whether the upcoming Elephone S7 & R9 has a safe battery inside. According to Cohen, the director of product safety in Elephone, the battery of Elephone S7 & R9 is absolutely safe.

Elephone S7

He explained that the battery supplier of Elephone S7 & R9 is the best mobile phone battery maker in China. It is the main supplier of the domestic top brand mobile phone. So it can ensure each battery defective rate is three out of a million or less.

In addition, the interior design of both devices is so elegant that, not only can it ensure the overall design and reasonable structure, but it can make sure the battery has enough space not to cause a security risk.

Elephone R9

Finally, we learned that, engineers of Elephone have optimized the battery algorithm, to ensure that you take the most out of the battery. It also ensures that it will not produce security problems during charge and using process.

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