CubeCam: Most Portable Camera To Capture Your Life (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Since GoPro made action cams mainstream, they have spread so widely among increasingly diverse users. It started as a small video camera designed to record sports or adventurous activities. Nevertheless, it is increasingly used to capture daily activities thanks to its small size and extreme ease of use. Addressing this need, Kehan Digital introduces the CubeCam, which is nothing more than a wearable camera that literally fits in your pocket. Even smaller than a GoPro, CubeCam has a surface area of 41mm per side, and is only 13mm thickness.


The weight is record-breaking: Kehan only declares 24.5 grams , and thanks to the built-in clip, you can wear it by hooking it to clothing to transport it without strange accessories at all times of the day and use it in most circumstances. A fully portable camera.

The camera can be managed through the Kehanap app on both Android and iOS devices. This gives you access to a whole series of additional recording modes such as video time-lapse and slow-motion. You can also record photos and videos without the use of the application by simply pressing the dedicated buttons.


In terms of technical specifications, CubeCam has a wide-angle lens with f/2.5 capable of capturing a 120 ° field of view. It can record 1080p video @15fps or 720p @30fps with H.264 codec. The battery is 450mAh that allows you for 2.5 hours continuous recording on a single charge. In addition there is an optional Smart Dock which integrates a 2,000 mAh battery for 8 extra hours of recording.

The Smart Dock is very useful as the CubeCam can live stream on YouTube and Facebook through the dedicated app. It supports “loop recording” too.

The company will hold a promotion event on October 25. With the use of coupon C10KHCAM you get $15 off the original price.

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