Elephone S7 new features demonstration (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone S7 is already in its presale phase. And while the R9 is a bit delayed, the company gives us a new video with additional features of the S7. But which are those other features that we don’t know about Elephone S7 besides its impressive appearance and configuration parameters? Let’s take a look.

Elephone S7


Elephone S7 Features

1. Eye Care

Elephone S7 has a complete set of eye care system including the color temperature adjustment and video frame adjustment. These features allow you to enjoy videos without tiring your eyes while watching videos. In addition, many users wanted greater control over light adjustment during the night. So Elephone implemented a night mode so that you can greatly reduce eye-strain during the night.

2. Intelligent gestures

As you can see in the video below, Elephone S7 is equipped with Intelligent gestures. Take a screenshot by sliding three fingers down the display or slide down with two fingers to adjust the volume.

3. Smart keys

E-touch 2.0 feature from Elephone has added a new smart key function. Users can double-click home button to turn on the designated app. The tuning is made in the Settings -> Smart Key.

4. Power-saving mode

In the performance and power-saving mode settings, three new power-saving modes are added. High-performance mode, Balance mode and Low-power mode. Users can choose the desired mode based on the usage frequency.

5. Split screen mode

Elephone S7 adopts the split-screen mode so that users can open the split screen without worrying about chatting interruption while watching a video.



Lastly, Elephone S7 presale has been on the way. With a maximum 4GB/64GB configuration and 10-core helio X20 SoC, the price starts from $139.99. For more information and surprises, visit the special reservations page here.