Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Selling At A Special Price At A Hong Kong Store

by Suhaib 2

Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 7 back in August this year. Since the initial days this smartphone has been facing battery related issues where battery ends up exploding. Samsung was quick enough to recall the units and issued replacement units in their place. The battery on the replacement units also ended up exploding thereby worsening the issue.

Galaxy Note 7

Engadget’s senior editor Richard Lai has spotted a shop selling the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 at a “special price”. There is no information about this “special price” , whether the shop has increased or decreased the price of this phone in the wake of reports pouring in from around the globe where Galaxy Note 7’s batties exploded. Though Samsung has not confirmed any reason for the battery explosions but it has stated that it could be some short circuit flaw.

That being said, industry experts have put forward a different reason for the battery explosions. According to them, the batteries are exploding  due to building up of hot gas in the battery caused by the compromised barrier between its different components.

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As for the shop selling Galax Note 7. we do not know the exact reason behind it. There are many possibilities which include the shop not returning the stock or recommending buyers to get an official replacement for the device. Samsung has shifted their focus to find out the exact cause of these battery explosions which are happening both on and off charge.




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