Elephone S7 sunlight legibility demonstration (video)

by Dimitris Economou 8

The other day, Elephone posted a video, demonstrating the software features of the Elephone S7. Eye mode, split-screen, intelligent keys and smooth video function. Today, Elephone demonstrates another practical function on Elephone S7: Τhe sun screen.

Elephone S7 presale

As we all know, most phone displays perform poorly under strong sunlight. As a result, we usually enhance the brightness to 100%. Nevertheless, the color reproduction is not as good and it consumes more power. Under such an environment, the sun screen feature is a helpful and welcome feature.

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The sun screen features a pixel-level dynamic contrast adjustment technology to dynamically improve the screen contrast. Although not clearly visible on the video, Sun Screen makes a difference under sunlight and reduces power consumption.

In other news, the S7 achieved a sales record exceeding 50,000 units in the pre-sale period within a few days. It features a deca-core X20 chipset, 4GB/64GB maximum configuration, and a breath-taking appearance. Finally, its price starts from only $139.99. You can order yours here.