Explosion-proof membrane for the Elephone S7

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone is placing the Elephone S7 on the market as a combination of appearance and performance. As they declare, the S7 is an important upgrade in terms of performance and design for the company. In addition, they claim it to be almost perfect in terms of safety. During tests on the battery conducted by Elephone, data showed that the safety of Elephone S7 is flawless.

Elephone S7 explosion-proof membrane

Even so, Elephone still decided to launch an exclusive explosion-proof membrane, making the display more durable. The explosion-proof membrane can effectively buffer the impact to prevent the screen from bursting and to prevent broken glass panels scattered in case of an accidental drop. Also it reduces the glass panel damage to protect your fingertips from getting hurt. Moreover, it can maintain and the special luster on the glass and improve the surface hardness.

During the years, smartphones have become smarter and more fashionable. And, users’ awareness on their device protection has increased. Thus, Elephone is confident that the explosion-proof membrane will be a hit accessory.

More info is available here.

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