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UHANS A101S Ready For Sale, Listed For $69.99

by Suhaib 5


The successor of UHANS A101 smartphone that goes by the name UHANS A101S is ready to hit the shelves now. UHANS A101S comes with many design and feature upgrades over its predecessor. Features and specifications of this device made their way to the internet a few weeks back and now the price of this smartphone is finally revealed. UHANS A101S will carry a price tag of $69.99 which comes to around 475 Yuan. Read on to find more.


UHANS A101S copies the design from its predecessor but stands out in terms of its soft touch and polished electroplating frame. Moreover it will be hitting the shelves in different color options. The brand has not revealed anything about the chipset so we expect it to be same as that on UHANS A101.


The major upgrades are in terms of memory, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM on UHANS A101 is upgraded to 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM on UHANS A101S. The battery is same as that on UHANS A101 i.e. 2450mAh which is removable as well.

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The camera on UHANS A101s is upgraded to 13MP from 8MP on UHANS A101. Moreover, it makes use of SonyIMX 219 sensor which enables captuirng vivid and crisp images. UHANS A101S comes with at a price of $69.99 which makes this smartphone a value for money package. More details of UHANS A101S can be checked here.

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  • Iosif_Laver

    It is possible to argue than what after all the smartphone is better, A101 or A101S

    • Peter

      I agree with you. What 4G mainly here plays a role. Not all operators in my country support 4G. To someone it is a senseless new mouth.

  • Kurt

    I received the A101. Excellent smartphone. I don’t even regret that A101S didn’t wait. Very much I am happy with it. For days off made many photo. Now rewrote with ease them by means of the OTG function on PC. A photo of excellent quality on the big screen.

    • Zoja

      I am sure that Uhans A101s will be more successful. The fact that in the smartphone there is no support 4G upsets.

  • Dorian

    I am praised. I already ordered.