Xiaomi 3D VR Headset Pre-Sale On LightinTheBox, Price Starts From $42.99

by Suhaib 0

Almost all major and local players have unveiled their versions of virtual reality headsets and the latest addition is from Xiaomi, a cheap 3D VR headset that was announced along with its flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Online store LightInTheBox.Com has started the pre-sale of this newly launched virtual reality headset. The pre-sale period starts from October 27 and ends on December 12. Pricing information for Xiaomi 3D VR is as follows:

xiaomi 3d vr headset


  • First 100 pieces – $42.99 (291 Yuan)
  • 100 – 250 pieces – $49.99 (339 Yuan)
  • 251 – 400 pieces – $59.99 (406 Yuan)
  • 401- 450 pieces – $69.99 (474 Yuan)

Clearly, the above pricing indicates that the sooner you pre-order the Xiaomi 3D VR headset, the cheaper you will get it. That’s all about pricing and availability and now moving on to specifications part.

Xiaomi 3D VR headset is compatible with all smartphones with display size measuring from 5.0 to 5.7-inch. You can enjoy a wonderful VR experience by connecting this headset to your smartphone via inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0.

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The field-of-view of this VR headset is 103 degrees with the range varying between 90 to 110 degrees. Along with it comes a 9-axis motion sensing remote controller.