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Elephone Will Be Updating Its Smartphones For At Least A Year

by Suhaib 6

There are numerous brands who are manufacturing and selling smartphones but there are very few who provide timely updates to their devices already in the market. Lately, Elephone seems to be paying attention to updates for its smartphones. Elephone P9000 and Elephone S3 debuted in the early half of 2016, and both of the devices received global appreciation.

Elephone S7

Elephone C1 is currently available for purchase and flagship devices Elephone R9 and Elephone S7 are ready to hit the shelves in the market. Upon launch, there will be more options for Elephone fans. Now, Elephone has announced that it will be updating all the smartphones in the catalog for at least one year. This simply means that Elephone will be rolling out firmware updates and will be providing regular system maintenance and software debugging.

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This is indeed great news for Elephone users as once you purchase a smartphone, regular support via OTA updates goes a long way in keeping your phone bug free and up to date.

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  • Wolvie

    Yeah but the problem is all the OTA that Elephoney release will never ever fix the bugs. So it is no use at all.

    And hey where are all those troll fake paid posters, they haven’t post anything yet here ?

    • BS

      you are one of them…

  • BS

    l saw that on facebook but still don’t know what that means…


    Is it like the exchanging program? Or like the upgrading program apple does?

  • techi

    Great one. I liked the dazzling back of this device as well as the front curved screen. Don’t know how the hardware will perform but definitely thia is the best looking Device available in market in just $140

  • Rocky Raja

    Come on guys!!!!!!!
    This year is about to end! And still there is no news about when I’ll receive my R9 that I booked in previous order session. No update after that. :/
    It’s already November please ship those devices soon, so I can use this sexy smartphone.