Rumored Huawei Fit leaked with e-ink display

by Dimitris Economou 0

The Apple Watch Series 2 that hit the market in October, sports features that will allow it to be one of the best fitness companions on the market. Apple decided to go more with the fitness trend. After all, it is the most popular feature in wearables. Now, it looks that Huawei is going to release a fitness-centric watch as well.

There is little we know about the device, apart from its name, Huawei Fit. Apart from its design of course. Nevertheless, what we know for sure, is that the watch will feature a circular display, an e-ink display in particular similar to those on Pebble watches. All in all, the Huawei Fit’s e-ink display with be B&W like the original Pebble and it looks to focus on being used as a fitness tracker.
Huawei Fit
In the leaked images, the screen of the Huawei Fit shows that it will be able to track your runs and calorie burning. It also measures heart rate and swimming activity. This suggests that the Huawei Fit will come equipped with a heart rate sensor and that it will be waterproof to some extent. These are two big features that are essential to any good fitness tracker.
All other specs are unknown for the time being.  Huawei will announce the Mate 9 sometime this month and maybe the Huawei will too.