Vernee Mars first OTA update coming

by Dimitris Economou 1

Vernee Mars was launched in September, and shipments have begun some time now. Thanks to its all metal design, high screen-to-body ratio and smooth user experience, Vernee Mars has gained a lot of attention from both media and end users.

Vernee Mars

While waiting for the big Android 7.0 update, Vernee is going to roll out the first OTA update for Mars. The update will optimize the camera performance further, improve the fingerprint sensor accuracy and fix some other bugs.


Vernee Mars main optimization and fixes

1. Optimized audio output, including the volume and quality
2. Optimized the rear camera and improved the camera performance in low light environment.
3. Optimized the fingerprint registration process and unlocking experience.
4. Added a data option in the status bar
5. Enhanced the compatibility of the camera with third party apps
6. Improved the touch accuracy and sensitivity of the digitzer
7. Fixed some software bugs which resulted in reboot

Vernee Mars Nougat

In the meantime, Vernee is now in the middle of adapting Android 7.0 for its existing models. And Vernee claims that Vernee Mars will be the first Helio P10 smartphone to get the Android 7.0 update. That remains to be seen.

You can find Vernee Mars on Gearbest for $229.99.