Blackview 11.11 Global Carnival 2016 is on its way!

by Dimitris Economou 1

As you already know, November 11th is a special day for all the online stores in China. So it is for Blackview as well. But before we talk about Blackview, lets see how this day became a trend. The discount event was initially an idea of Ma Yun, leader of Alibaba, one of the biggest e-commerce groups in the world. November 11th is the Single’s Day in China and Yun chose that date because number “1” looks like a lonely single person. He thought, just fill your empty heart with material if you do not have enough companion.

Blackview Event

All the online stores offer great discounts, free gifts and more to customers on that day. Just like a crazy carnival, it started as a China-exclusive event but it has since grown into a global frenzy. Besides, Aliexpress is a gigantic corporation with worldwide presence. In addition, other online shops followed and now everyone is a potential customer.

Now, let’s see what Blackview has for you. For starts, the full details of the event is yet to be disclosed. On the other hand, the company gives us a good idea of what will come. As always, there will be online giveaways as tradition has it. And they will be good ones with some of its best devices. To continue, a flagship rugged device will be offered at almost $0. Lastly, big discounts for a series of smartphones will make your day.

Additional information will emerge on Also, the company released this nice, short promotional video below.