11.11 Carnival on Geekbuying with great offers

by Dimitris Economou 2

Geekbuying is holding one of the biggest 11.11 Carnivals this year among the online retailers of China. Yesterday, we informed you about the special Xiaomi event it’s holding for the Single’s Day. Today, new offers for various products are available.

So, what does this year’s carnival include? For starters, on November 10th UTC +8, there will be a snap-up for 8 great products for just $11. The best among them is the Tronsmart Vega S95 Pro. An Android TV Box capable of 4K video output. Add to that the EZCast Wire HDMI. Other offers include a VR Headset, a Zeblaze Smartwatch and a wireless touch keyboard. All of them at $11 only.

geekbuying Carnival

Of course, all the Xiaomi products are available as well at great prices. From Xiaomi Mi 5 for $229.99 to Xiaomi Pistons for $5.69, all are great deals. Don’t forget that there are a whole lot more, like tablets, drones mini PCs and more. To see the full list of offers, visit the 11.11 Carnival page from the link below.