Doogee Y6: A selfie weapon with Auto-Makeup function

by Dimitris Economou 1

There is a bitter truth that it’s all about a pretty face. And when it comes to Instagram and Facebook, you would know how the audience reacts to a cute selfie. Well, according to Doogee, there ia a new selfie weapon: The Doogee Y6. It not only beautifies your photos, but also gives you the option to apply lip color, eye shadows, hair style and other effects best known to the girls out there. It can even enlarge your breast! Click on the image below to see the GIF.

Doogee Y6

After you whiten your skin and slim your face, you can choose the foundation which fits your skin color and add some cute blusher. There are eye liner, eye shadow and eye lash you can add with favor. The amazing thing is there are various lenses. Not many selfie apps can adjust the details of nose and chin like this one. You can try a lot of make up styles, hair styles, earrings, sunglasses as you like.

Doogee Y6

So, the DOOGEE Y6 with 8MP flashing front camera is the new Selfie-weapon. Apart from the beauty functions, you are able to take clear and sharp pictures when you’re out in a party or club at night also. You can obtain the device for only $99 from (500 units available).