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New Powerful OnePlus Flagship Coming Soon, Could Be the OnePlus 3T

by Suhaib 4

OnePlus unveiled the flagship device for the year 2016, OnePlus 3 back in June this year among much fanfare. Rumors of a new device from the brand that goes by the name OnePlus 3T were flooding the internet for past couple of weeks. And now, the semiconductor giant, Qualcomm has added fire to the already burning fuel by tweeting that a new device from OnePlus is on the way and it will be powered by the Snapdragon 821 chipset. Rumors have surfaced which suggest that OnePlus 3T might launch on November 14 with Snapdragon 821 under the hood.

From the Tweet by Qualcomm, it appears that earlier rumors are turning out to be true. OnePlus has a history of creating a lot of hype before unveiling a new device but in this case, it seems like OnePlus is planning to drop a surprise bomb.

The whole show started back in October with the leak of a new device that was dubbed as OnePlus 3S which later turned out to be OnePlus 3T. As for the OnePlus 3T, the major thing that differs it from OnePlus 3 is the underlying Snapdragon 821 chipset. Though there is no official confirmation yet, we expect a 5.5-inch FHD panel at front and 6GB RAM to be part of the arsenal.

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Other possible features of the OnePlus 3T include 20MP camera with Sony IMX395 sensor. The battery should be slightly bumped up to 3300mAh from the existing 3000mAh on the OnePlus 3. As for the price, it is said OnePlus 3T will come with an higher price tag this time which is said to be $480.

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  • Raky_b

    so, 80$ more for same SoC with overclocked speed and a new name, plus different type of camera modul!? no thanks…ONE+, you shoud fix to things that 3 sucks at….battery life and storage, so maybe we would be happy to pay premium over your curent One+3

  • BTN

    Dont be greed One+…this new OPO should be an upgrade from the 3 with the same price, not 80€ more expensive…

  • Edvinas Bačiulis

    OnePlus just anaunced on twitter that new device with Sd821 is comming on November 15th.

  • SohyeFan729

    if they add 2K better camera and 821 maybe as a black version 80€ is pretty good for it.. i still wait for the day carriers will take oneplus as inventory..