Doogee is starting a Trade-in Recycling Program in Spain and Russia

by Dimitris Economou 0

Every year, about 1 billion phones are discarded worldwide, 80% of which are left unused at home, and only 1% of those are collected for recycling responsibly by standard recycling channels. When the phones become obsolete, improperly disposed of the used phones will leave behind mercury, lead, cadmium and other hazardous e-wastes.

Doogee is starting a trade-in program aimed at unleashing the value of your used phone. We will recycle your used phone safely and responsibly, to help to protect the environment. The trade-in program will only be available in Spain and Russia for now. The trade-in value will be based on the overall condition of the phone, and will vary among 10-30 dollars.


Select Professional Recycling Companies

Most of current phone manufacturers have strict environmental standards. Doogee is cooperating with apple’s material supplier to create safer products and manufacturing processes. Even though, once used phones enter recycling process, it becomes more complex to handle mercury, lead, cadmium and other metallic components. Only a professional recycling program can ensure that the used phones can be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.


Doogee Trade-in Recycling Program

Once we’ve received your phone, our inspector will assess it with rigorous quality analysis system. After you accept the valuation, we will completely wipe all data from your used phone, avoid the risk of your personal data falling into the wrong hands. The trade-in value will be provided to your account in the form of Doogee coupon code. If you don’t accept the valuation, you can cancel the deal anytime.

Doogee’s trade-in recycling program is a win-win project for both customers and the company. In the future, the trade-in recycling program will include most phones in the market, to help to reduce e-waste pollution and push forward the fast growing electronics recycling industry.



1. How to Trade-in/ join in recycle program?

The procedure is simple. You fill in the special form you see in the photo below. After Doogee evaluates the device, they provide you with a $10-$30 coupon which you can use to buy a Doogee device at a discount from authorized stores.



2.How to use coupon code?

See the below picture