Elephone S7 Flashing Black mid-frame color change

by Dimitris Economou 10

Not long ago, we shared with you that Elephone S7 will come in four colors. According to what Elephone internal production director revealed, the Elephone S7 Flashing Black won’t hit the market with exact same mid-frame color. Due to the complexity of production and in order to avoid the embarrassing phenomenon of paint off as other smartphones,
Elephone made a color change on Elephone S7 mid-frame.

Elephone S7 Flashing Black

All of the other 3 colors besides black will still retain to the original plan. On the contrary, the Flashing Black mid-frame will be matte black. The purpose of this color adjustment is to provide users with a better quality of experience.

Elephone S7 is equipped with Helio X20 chip, the maximum memory combination is 4 GB/64GB. It comes with bezel-less In-cell screen, E-touch 2.0 features and stunning lumia wave on the back. no doubt that it’s a smartphone with great performance and decent price starting from $139.99 from Elephone.

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