Vernee Mars Android 7.0 Beta (images)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Just after Google released Android 7.0 Nougat, many smartphone makers are  accelerating their update process. After several generations of updates and development, Android has reached a high optimization level. Eventually, it can compete with iOS in terms of smoothness. Every update of Android OS is welcome, as it usually means that the device will become smoother and has lower power consumption. Also, new features  and innovations from Google arrive. And the same is the case with Vernee Mars.

Vernee Mars

Reports say that Vernee is  in the middle of adapting its flagship, Vernee Mars for the Android 7.0 update. According to the company, Mars will be the first Helio P10 smartphone to get this major update. In addition, a recent photo that shows Mars carrying Android 7.0 Beta circulates widely among social media platforms.

Vernee Mars
What’s more, Vernee recently pushed out the first OTA update for Mars, which optimized the quick charging process, fingerprint recognition and improved the camera performance. Lastly, the official Android 7.0 update for Mars will arrive in December.

Vernee Mars Vernee Mars