Kehan C60 Action Camera specs and offer (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Kehan has been reaching the news quite often recently, and for good reasons too. After the Kehan CubeCam and the K10 IP Camera, today we have the Kehan C60 Action Camera. Many manufacturers have followed GoPro to the action camera and the C60 seems a good product overall.

Kehan C60

Starting from the end, its official price is a bit high. At $199 most users would choose to increase their budget a bit and go for a more known model. But at $69 it’s a steal. To buy it at this price, just enter the coupon C6030USD in the link you see at the end. This brings the price down from the already discounted price of $99. It is valid until November 13th.

Kehan C60


But what is so special about this model? It doesn’t support 4K video recording, just a humble 1080P  @60 FPS and 720P @120 FPS. The killer feature is that it is waterproof for up to 30 meters below sea level! Of course, this requires the waterproof casing that is provided as a standard! Besides that, it comes with a full accessories pack that includes all kinds of mounting gear.

To see the full description and specs , just follow the link below. There, you can also use the coupon provided.