Kehan Black November Carnival offers

by Dimitris Economou 0

Here at Gizmochina, we have presented several Kehan products. Products like the CubeCam or the K10 IP Camera. They all are quality products and the company offers some good discounts too. Now, Kehan is back with another big event. The Kehan Black November Carnival! This means discount for all of its products as well as gifts!

Kehan Black November Carnival

Let’s see some of the offers that really stand out. The Kehan C60, the 30m waterproof action camera that we introduced recently, is available for $69.99. In addition, another favorite product is the K10 IP Camera that now sells for just $58.99. But what about the gifts? The company has three category of gifts as well as 2 giveaways and three semi-giveaways!

Kehan Black November Carnival

Gifts and giveaway rules

1. A free 16GB SD card to all orders over $100

2. Free bracket for orders with over 2 dashcams

3. Free Mini Tripod to all orders over 2 action cameras

4. Two buyers will be picked randomly to receive their order for free. In addition, 3 buyers will get a 50% off on their order.

So, if you want to see the full list of the available products along with their discount, please visit the Kehan Black November Carnival page here!