Dodocool DA55: The world’s first Hi-Res Lightning Earphones

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since Apple released the iPhone 7/Plus and removed the 3.5mm port from them, the whole internet is its toes with this decision. Most categories point towards the unnecessity of such a move as it adds nothing to the hearing experience. Nonetheless, the first lightning headsets are already coming out of production lines. One of them, is Dodocool DA55, the new Hi-Res headset for iPhone.

Dodocool DA55

The Dodocool DA55 supports all iPhones with a lightning connector. This means iPhone 5 and newer. Above all others, the most important feature is its Hi-Res certified Amplifier that is embedded into the headset. It provides high quality audio and Bass boost (reduces return rate). Of course, it features Apple LAM module and is MFI certificated by Apple. What’s more, it carries a 24bit digital-analogue converter.

Dodocool DA55

Lastly, the beautiful aluminum headset can be found on Amazon for $69.99, a decent price for a Hi-Res headset. You can find it by visiting the link below. It comes in 4 colors, Silver, Grey, Gold and Rose Gold.

Dodocool DA55 Dodocool DA55