Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 features (video)

by Dimitris Economou 2

Not long ago Elephone official technical team claimed that P9000 will be updated to Android 7.0 system soon. It seems that they kept their promise and the update will start rolling out later this month. Today we get Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 partial new features demo video released by Elephone Official.

More concise menu bar

Users can pull down the menu bar to set their most commonly used functions. Top five functions of the menu bar can be displayed independently above.


Split Screen

The split screen mode is enabled in the taskbar. You can turn on and use two apps at the same time according to your needs. Long press any button can cancel the split-screen mode when it’s on.


Quick return to previous app

Users can double- click the Recents button to bring up the two last used apps, which can totally save time for searching.


Cuter Emoji icons added

Android 7.0  has added dozens of new emoji on the android keyboard,which looks more vivid and cuter

Elephone P9000 Android 7.0


Simple Settings menu

Jump to another settings panel without the need to go back. Just edge-pull from left to right to reveal the settings panel.


You can adjust font and display elements size

The text and OS elements size is adjustable to your taste.


Choosing a language is simpler

After updating to Android 7.0, you can adjust the most used language on the menu list, hold down the right side and move all the way up. You don’t have to choose the one language you want among hundreds of language selection.
Elephone will release Elephone P9000 android 7.0 test version within the week with a lot more Android 7.0 features waiting for you to find out! You can purchase the Elephonew P9000 from here.