Android 7.0 Beta for Elephone P9000 is out (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

One by one, the Chinese manufacturers are starting to update their devices to Android 7.0 Nougat. They have come a long way through bad support, ending up delivering updates faster even than many bigger manufacturers. So, after the UMi Plus that received Android 7 Beta, it is time for Elephone P9000 too.

Elephone P9000 Android 7.0


After constant testing and debugging, Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 beta firmware is out. The current firmware is still a beta version, the official version of P9000 Android 7.0 update will be available soon. The only known bug so far is the fingerprint function not working. Some other functions too are a bit unstable, but functional.

Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 firmware will be delivered Over-The-Air. However, users with Android 6.0 should install the Beta version computer. If any bug show up during use, Elephone asks you to give them feedback in their official forum. You can download the P9000 Android 7.0 Beta from here.

The #ElephoneP9000 official forum is here. Once again, be sure of what you are doing if you don’t have much experience in flashing ROMs.

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